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Mat Class Schedule     (Summer 2018)


MONDAY                 9:00 am     Regular Pilates Mat

                                Noon         Barre Fusion 

                                6:00 pm     Regular Pilates Mat

TUESDAY                Noon         Regular Pilates Mat
                                6:00 pm     Barre Fusion

WEDNESDAY         9:00 am     Regular Pilates Mat

                                6:00 pm     Power Pilates

THURSDAY        Noon        Regular Pilates Mat

                            6:00 pm   Regular Pilates Mat

FRIDAY                   9:00 am     Regular Pilates Mat

                                Noon         Barre Fusion  
SATURDAY             8:00 am     Regular Pilates Mat

                                9:00 am     Introduction to Pilates Mat 

SUNDAY                  8 am         Regular Pilates Mat

                               10:00 am    Regular Pilates Mat 

Class Descriptions

Introduction to Pilates Mat Series (Level 1)

This class is for the Pilates novice.

We highly recommend that if you are new to Pilates you attend at least 4 Pilates Mat Intro classes or complete the Private Intro Package before joining a Regular Mat Class.

Regular Pilates Mat Classes (Levels 2-3)

Recommended Intermediate through Advanced. Traditional Pilates exercises are performed alone or with props like the

Magic Circle
, Theraband and Mini Ball. Modifications will be provided to accommodate all skill levels.

Power Pilates (Level 4)

Advanced Intermediate and Advanced.


A blending of Pilates, yoga, ballet and Lotte Berk done to music.

Private Sessions

One-on-one sessions using Pilates apparatus by appointment.

Guest Introduction Private Session

This one-hour session includes a modified postural assessment, a short overview of the Pilates Method of fitness, its origins and foundation, a discussion of the client’s expectations and an introduction to the Pilates apparatus,

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