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BarreFusion is challenging and fun!

As the name implies BarreFusion is a melding of several different exercise types into a fun, challenging and effective sculpting workout done to music. BarreFusion combines elements of Pilates, yoga, ballet, and Lotte Berk with deep, orthopedic stretching to sculpt and tone the muscles of the abs, arms and legs. It is a perfect complement to your Pilates workout and a great way to add variety to your fitness regime.

 is the definitive way to train your body to move efficiently, with  strength, increasing overall quality of life. BarreFusion is not meant to replace it. BarreFusion differs from Pilates in that there are many repetitions and it focuses specifically on shaping and contouring the muscles.
BarreFusion is easy to learn. First-timers and drop-ins are always welcome.
Stop in and give BarreFusion a try. See the schedule page for class times.

Call Sandy at the studio if you would like more information about Fusion.

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